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Q06 – Get Ready for Coinbase Shutting Down CoinbasePro!

Coinbase is targeting to close down CoinbasePro by the end of 2022 and merge it into the main Coinbase.com.  This new offering from Coinbase.com is named “Advanced Trading“. When it is time to move all of your assets from pro.coinbase.com, you can follow the steps listed below.

1. On the top right you should see something like the following picture:

2. Click the 9 dot circle and get something like the following picture:
3. Click the “Adv. Trading” icon and you will see the following picture:
Digital Coin Trader will be working on ensuring that we get a working API with Coinbase Advanced Trading feature as soon as possible and we will update this document and send out emails to any and all users (paid or non-paying) with accounts on this web site.  You can transfer our crypto assets already but right now you will not be able to auto-trade using DCT until we have completed a new API interface.
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